1st Semester 2021


This placement test (German language only) will help you find the right level. Please use one of the tests for the coursebook "On y va !".


 Level   Title   Day   Time   Teacher   Room   Where    
A1Grundstufe 1*We19.15-20.15Ms. V. Heymann313DWS1501
A1Grundstufe 2Mo19.15-20.15Ms. V. Heymann313DWS1502
A1Grundstufe 3Mo18.00-19.00Ms. V. Heymann313DWS1503
A1/A2Grundstufe 4Tu19.30-20.30Ms. V. Heymann11DWS1504
B1MittelstufeWe18.00-19.00Ms. V. Heymann313DWS1505
B1/B2ConversationTu18.30-19.30Ms. V. Heymann11DWS1506
A2Mittelstufe 1We17.30-18.30Ms. P. Bret23Wepf1551
B1Mittelstufe 3Th17.00-18.00Ms. G. Kägi-Roth15Wepf1552
B1Mittelstufe 4aTu18.30-19.30Ms. P. Bret13Wepf1553
B1Mittelstufe 4bTu12.00-13.00Ms. V. Heymann11Wepf1554
B1/B2Lecture & Conv.Mo18.15-19.15Ms. M. Düggelin23Wepf1555
B1/B2Conv. & Rép. aTh08.30-09.30Ms. M.C. Bühler21Wepf1556
B1/B2Conv. & Rép. bTh09.30-10.30Ms. M.C. Bühler21Wepf1557
C1ConversationWe13.00-14.00Ms. P. Bret23Wepf1558
C1/C2Littérature & Conv.Th15.30-16.30Ms. G. Kägi-Roth22Wepf1559
A2Mittelstufe 1Tu19.30-20.30Ms. C. RohlederE-Learning1591
B1/B2Lire le journal et discuterMo07.30-08.30Ms. V. HeymannE-Learning1592
B2Conv. & Lect. aTu12.00-13.00Ms. C. RohlederE-Learning1593
B2Conv. & Lect. bTu17.45-18.45Ms. C. RohlederE-Learning1594

 * For beginners with no previous knowledge